CBD Crude, Full Spectrum Distillate, Isolate, THC-Free

CBD Crude

We sourced most of our biomass from the local small farms here in beautiful Colorado.  The refined CBD crude is filtered and decarbed that is ready for the next step.  

CBD Distillate

Our Full Spectrum CBD Distillate is a beautiful golden color that is free of solvent and is ready to be use in variety of finished products like vape cartridges, tinctures, edibles, softgels, topical creams, skin care/hair care products.

THC-Free Distillate

If you want no trace of THC in your product but still want the entourage effect, check out our THC-Free CBD Distillate.  Our process preserved more of the minor cannabinoids to make if more effective.

CBD Isolate

Our CBD Isolate is 99+% purity and can be added to various products.  Since it doesn’t have any THC, our customers use it in many final products.   

Why Buy CBD wholesale products from DENEX

Our CBD products are extracted by using extremely cold, food-grade, ethanol to make sure we don’t pull out all the fats and contaminants.  It is then go through a variety of filters to make sure we remove all the unwanted materials. This CBD crude is now ready to move to the next step.

We then take the CBDa crude and run it through a process called decarboxylation where we turn CBDa into CBD.  At this point, the CBD concentration should be around 60-70% cannabinoids with some of the minor cannabinoids still in tact.  We then run another filtration process to make sure we have a clean product.  It takes 100 pounds of biomass of about 8-10% cannabinoids to make roughly 3 liters of the refined crude.

Once the crude is ready, we take it to the refinement process where we distill the crude in our three-stage industrial distillation system. The CBD Full Spectrum distillate produced is roughly around 80-90% cannabinoids.  That same 100 pounds biomass only get about 2 liters of distillate.  This is by far our most popular wholesale products.

We do offer CBD isolate as well as CBD THC-Free distillate but since those are not in high demand, we only make them when new orders come in.

We use the same process for our CBG product lines as well.