AVD Stik Button Battery

AVD Stik Button Battery is simple in form but packed with all the AVD flavor technology customers love. Cost-effective with premium features. Like smooth button activation, three voltage options to choose from for the perfect draw and SmartPulse™ to prevent overheating using temperature power wave control. We want to make sure we work with a reputable American company, and not poorly made batteries that can be hazardous to your health.  We recommend using the lowest voltage setting on our live resin vape carts (i.e.: Our Live Resin HHC carts) so you can enjoy all the subtle and delicate flavors of the live resin terpenes.

Battery features:

  • Color: White or Black
  • Grade A Lithium-ion battery. Long lasting 310 mAh battery
  • Variable voltage switch: 2.6V, 3.0V, 3.4V
  • SmartPulse power waves maintain a consistent temperature
  • Universal 510 thread
  • Battery can be recharge via Micro-USB port. Comes with USB micro-charger
  • Short circuit and overcharge protection
  • Full charge and low battery LED indicator: Red LED light blinks during charging, Green LED lights up when fully charged

Note: Do not use high powered/fast chargers that output more than 5volts/2amps


Which voltage should I select on my vape battery?

A lower voltage setting allows more subtle flavors to come through since some delicate terpenes may not be discernible with higher heat. Lower voltage also offers softer effects since it may take more hits on a low heat setting to achieve the desired level of THC or other cannabinoids. In contrast, higher voltage gives a more robust and intense flavor, with a stronger onset of effects.

What is AVD SmartPulse?

AVD SmartPulse regulates heating with automated power wave temperature control. And for finer adjustments, you can switch between 3 different voltage setting to enjoy your terpene-rich flavors or big clouds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Juddy (Atlanta, GA)
Stick'em Up!

Reliable and exactly as I needed.

Brian A. (Gorham, NH)
Unexpectedly, happily surprised.

This review is not so much about the product l purchased, but about the over the top treatment I received as a customer. You can tell this company wants to be relevant 10 years from now. Impressed.

AL W. (Mission Viejo, CA)
510 thread low volt

It doesn't burn the product due to low temperatures. Can be good or bad. You aren't creating smoke storms. Works great

Kaydence T. (Somerset, KY)
Nice hits and 10/10

I like it and that all I can say.

KT (Lakeland, FL)

Works great if you're not expecting big clouds!


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