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HHC Distillate

Our hemp-derived HHC Distillate is potent and has no THC in it at all.

HHC Distillate is the whole package! It’s more psychoactive than Delta-8 (its effects lean more towards  Delta-9) but shares many benefits of CBD. When stored in a cool, dark location, HHC has a longer storage life than most other cannabinoids.

HHC Distillate is more viscous than Delta-8, but it is more stable and can withstand hotter temperatures!

What it does:

  • Uplifts mood
  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Alleviates physical discomfort and nausea
  • Supports healthy inflammation response to injuries

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HHC Distillate is all about quality. It is sourced from hemp plants. It has a longer shelf-life because it is chemically more stable than most other cannabinoids. Additionally, it can withstand higher temperatures. HHC Distillate has a thicker consistency and is more potent than Delta-8 distillate. Despite its effects being similar to Delta-9 THC, HHC contains no traces of the THC.


HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol) is a cannabinoid in trace quantities in hemp plants. It is a hydrogenated form of THC. It was discovered in 1947 when American chemist Roger Adams successfully produced HHC from Delta-9 THC extracted from the cannabis plant. Since then, HHC has increasingly gained attention, and chemists have been attempting to safely synthesize HHC. HHC is closely related to Delta-8. It is formed when hydrogen molecules are added to Delta-9 THC through a process known as hydrogenation. This means that it must be created in a laboratory by suitably qualified chemists before it can be used in products or scientific research.

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Anonymous (Hudson, OH)

The best.

Mark R. (Bessemer, AL)
Great product

I received my HHC fast. I'm more than satisfied with the quality of the product.

Tony N. (Tampa, FL)
Very Happy That I Bought This !

Can't go wrong with any Denex product. Quality items and great prices. This HHC rocks !

Adam (Oklahoma City, OK)

Love the product, have to heat it up to work with it but thats easy enough, otherwise no complaints

David S. (Kermit, TX)

Really good product

Alex H. (Hudson, OH)
Worth getting

Worth getting

Juddy (Toronto, ON)
Thick Vixen

Thick like stubborn honey at room temp, apply a little heat and HHC Distillate runs like nectar. Potent and surreal effects.

Lance V. (Donaldsonville, LA)
Hhc distillate

Good shit came in timely manner and got what I paid for.

Earl G. (Lincoln, NE)
Chill but not useless

I like this for refilling. It doesn’t taste great but it works. It’s easy to handle if you put some dabs in the fridge. I think I cough less without the terps


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