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Super Boof - THCA Flower
Sally v.O. (Indianapolis, IN)
Super good!

I’m ordering more of this amazing smoke!
Such a smooth taste and flavor. Great fun to share with friends!

Live Resin HHC+CBN Vape Carts
HLinNJ (Princeton, NJ)
Great cart, tasty product.

The cart that is used in this product is much more clog resistant than the usual offerings. I hope it finds its way into other Denex vape products. The terp flavor here is excellent.

Delta-8 Softgels
david m. (Ridgeland, SC)

At the end of a long day or anytime I need kick back and relax or refocus these soft gels do the trick.

Apple Cider Vinegar + THCv Gummies
Randy T. (Killeen, TX)
Just what you need

These are an excellent alternative to the combo gummies, you can get the amazing benefits of thcv with out any other mind altering components like d8 or d9. Its also nice with the acv because i dont have to buy it separately and i take it already, saves me 20 bux a month! Thcv is great for my diabetes, blood pressure and heart condition not to mention the acv benefits. Aftet seeing what it does for me my wife wanted in on it too, now she as well is doing great because of this.

CBD Gummies
Anthony i.M. (Minneapolis, MN)
Denex Rules

Always trusted Denex quality and outstanding customer service, so when grandpa needed a little boost I went straight to Denex. Now he's got more energy and is sleeping better. Thanx again, Denex family!

DELTA-9 THC + CBD Gummies
Alicia R. (Charlotte, NC)
Pain relief

Thank you for making a more natural pain relief

DELTA-9 THC + CBD Gummies
Matthew P. (Plant City, FL)
can't beat them

Great product, amazing for the price, lasting me a while and taste great / effects

Terpenes for dabs & vapes
Matthew P. (Plant City, FL)
Great flavors great price

Got sour d and og kush to flavor up some diamond sauce. great flavors and the best prices ive found anywhere, this stuff will last a while, thanks!

HHC Vape Carts
Hamdi G. (Corvallis, OR)
Great product

Always well mixed witht the right amount of terps, good variety in flavors, and some of the best highs imo

Delta-8 Softgels
James (Corydon, IN)
Best delivery method

I enjoy the convenience of the soft gels. Same effect for me between gummies and the soft gels, but comes more dependably on digestion.

Blue Lotus Dreamweaver Pre-Rolls
Wanda T. (Tustin, CA)
Enhanced Creativity and Imagination

The Blue Lotus Pre-Rolls have become my go-to for sparking creativity and vivid dreams. The unique blend of herbs not only relaxes my mind and body but also enhances my imagination. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my creative work since I started using these pre-rolls at night. Plus, the added benefit of promoting lucid dreaming is a bonus! Highly recommended for artists and creative individuals especially those that work at night.

Apple Cider Vinegar + THCv Gummies
Brent D. (Tustin, CA)
Great product!

I've tried others and this one seems to be the most effective. The gummies is super delicious too. I like that the ingredients are all natural and not all the crap other gummies manufacturers used.

thedore b. (San Antonio, TX)
very good gummies

best gummies I have ever found

DELTA-10 Vape Carts
Brandy S. (Husser, LA)
Delta 10 Vape Cart

Very nice. Does the trick!

THCA Diamonds
Matthew P. (Plant City, FL)

recently discovered the thca world and i'm never going back - these diamonds can transform anything into insane potency or be vaped by themself. pretty flavorless, great effects / euphoria, highly recommended.

DELTA-8 Gummies
Sharon R.
Zoot Scootin Boogie

I’ve been ordering these for over a year. Definitely recommend the product and company. The taste is better than other more expensive gummies and the high is consistent. Using these to sleep has ALWAYS helped me especially during chronic illness flair ups. Now that my tolerance is higher sometimes I take one during the day just so I can be nicer to the world. I take more than 1 for a good time/to sleep, and believe me it works! Definitely trust Denex 100% and have never had an issue with them.

THCA Isolate
Christopher S. (Hohenwald, TN)

Love the product always been great fast delivering never disappointed!

HHC Distillate
Anonymous (Hudson, OH)

The best.

Delta-8 Tincture
John B. (Gainesville, FL)
Great Product

I have been buying the extra strength Delta 8 tincture. This is a great value and seems to hit quicker than the gummies. The tincture relieves my stress and allows me to fall asleep quickly and easily.

DELTA-8 Shatter
Michael N. (Chapel Hill, NC)
Pleasant discovery

This product was a recent discovery for me. Finding it available in quality, quantity and a great price was a nice thing for an old man to stumble across.

Delta-8 Disposable Vape
Nena M. (Houston, TX)
I love these!!!

They are so easy to use and stay charged forever. I have bought all three - the indica knocks me out, the sativa does make me a little paranoid (no weed has ever made me paranoid before this, so obviously it doesn't work well with me), but the HYBRID - that queen, she is my absolute favorite!!! My friends love it too. I love to use it when I'm all snuggled in bed so I won't get up and get snacks lol!

Full Spectrum CBG Distillate
J (Los Angeles, CA)

Pair with CBD 1:1 for more effective relief than either alone.
So grateful for yall!

THCA Diamonds
Gaige P. (Knoxville, TN)
Good stuff.


DELTA-9 THC + CBD Gummies
Traci L. (Long Beach, CA)
The BEST Gummies!

These gummies are exactly what I have been looking for! I use them to help me unwind and sleep well and they work great! I usually only need to take a half and within 30 minutes, I'm feeling relaxed and ready for a good night's sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed and rested! I've recommended them to lots of friends who've thanked me and are now loyal customers as well.

Bulk DELTA-8+CBN Tincture
JudiannV (Naples, NY)
I need help to sleep

This is the tincture that has helped me get to sleep and stay asleep through the night. Only need a small amount half an hour before bed and I am comfortable. I have restless leg, especially in bed, and have had a hard time getting comfortable that affected my sleep. I have terrible headaches if I don't get enough sleep.