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HHC Distillate
Anonymous (Hudson, OH)

The best.

Delta-8 Tincture
John B. (Gainesville, FL)
Great Product

I have been buying the extra strength Delta 8 tincture. This is a great value and seems to hit quicker than the gummies. The tincture relieves my stress and allows me to fall asleep quickly and easily.

DELTA-8 Shatter
Michael N. (Chapel Hill, NC)
Pleasant discovery

This product was a recent discovery for me. Finding it available in quality, quantity and a great price was a nice thing for an old man to stumble across.

Delta-8 Disposable Vape
Nena M. (Houston, TX)
I love these!!!

They are so easy to use and stay charged forever. I have bought all three - the indica knocks me out, the sativa does make me a little paranoid (no weed has ever made me paranoid before this, so obviously it doesn't work well with me), but the HYBRID - that queen, she is my absolute favorite!!! My friends love it too. I love to use it when I'm all snuggled in bed so I won't get up and get snacks lol!

Full Spectrum CBG Distillate
J (Los Angeles, CA)

Pair with CBD 1:1 for more effective relief than either alone.
So grateful for yall!

THCA Diamonds
Gaige P. (Knoxville, TN)
Good stuff.


DELTA-9 THC + CBD Gummies
Traci L. (Long Beach, CA)
The BEST Gummies!

These gummies are exactly what I have been looking for! I use them to help me unwind and sleep well and they work great! I usually only need to take a half and within 30 minutes, I'm feeling relaxed and ready for a good night's sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed and rested! I've recommended them to lots of friends who've thanked me and are now loyal customers as well.

Bulk DELTA-8+CBN Tincture
JudiannV (Naples, NY)
I need help to sleep

This is the tincture that has helped me get to sleep and stay asleep through the night. Only need a small amount half an hour before bed and I am comfortable. I have restless leg, especially in bed, and have had a hard time getting comfortable that affected my sleep. I have terrible headaches if I don't get enough sleep.

AVD Stik Button Battery
Juddy (Atlanta, GA)
Stick'em Up!

Reliable and exactly as I needed.

HHC Shatter
HLinNJ (Princeton, NJ)
Good HHC shatter…

However this HHC acts a (very) mild stimulant on me, good for mornings but not for bedtime. As always reactions to cannabinoids vary, so YMMV.

DELTA-9 THC + CBD Gummies
HLinNJ (Princeton, NJ)
Great gummies!

I found these to be both better tasting (lychee, berry), and as effective as a competitive product with much worse flavor.

Focus & Clarity Super Gummies
Chris (Henrico, VA)
Stellar as usual

Seemed to really help with work. Will definitely order again!

Terpenes for dabs & vapes
B.K. (Leawood, KS)
Solid product for the price

Excellent product for the amount per gram. Always pleased with the results.

Mel's Caramels
James E. (Salem, VA)

Soft and chewy, wonderful.

DELTA-8 Shatter
Phillip K. (Bessemer, AL)
As advertised

Really quality shatter, timely delivery, great prices. Will continue to shop here

Premixed HHC Distillate
James W. (Bonaire, GA)
HHC distillate

Great stuff strong effects okay taste

Terpenes for dabs & vapes
James W. (Bonaire, GA)

My favorite flavor. Love this stuff

DIY Shatter + Terpenes
James W. (Bonaire, GA)
HHC shatter

Last time I got this stuff it was smooth and buttery tasting but this time it has a weird flavor to it like it's burnt or something. Still has the same great effects though just an odd aftertaste

AVD Stik Button Battery
Brian A. (Gorham, NH)
Unexpectedly, happily surprised.

This review is not so much about the product l purchased, but about the over the top treatment I received as a customer. You can tell this company wants to be relevant 10 years from now. Impressed.

CBD Isolate
Robert B. (Brownsboro, AL)
Will definitely be buying again.

Modes well with bases and is effective.


High quality, pure form distillate from a excellent company. Five thumbs up, will order more.

Full Spectrum CBD Distillate
Melody R. (Sacramento, CA)
Clean Distillate

A lovely product, easy to work with. CBD distillate tastes nice and works well. Will buy again.

THCA Crumble
Christopher P. (Memphis, TN)
Thc-a crumble

Great crumble to top other concentrates. Not bad by itself but better on top of others.

Delta-8 Disposable Vape
Selena (Detroit, MI)
Happy customer!!

Great product, easy to use and charge. Very satisfied with every order!

DELTA-8 Shatter
Joel a. (Norcross, GA)
Worth it

Had doubts. I was wrong, excellent product and price