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When is the best time to use Delta-8?

We get this question pretty often:  When using Delta-8 THC, is morning or nighttime better?  On your website, it says it helps give me functional energy. But my friends say it made them drowsy.  All true.
Delta-8’s effects are dose-dependent, meaning taking them in small amounts can give you extra energy while taking them in larger doses would have sedative effects. These contradictions usually cause some web visitors to be skeptical about Delta-8 THC.
Here we’ll spill the tea on Delta-8’s use in the morning, midday, or evening.
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Early Morning Hours

Wake and bake! That is how they say it. Some of our customers love to get baked when the first rays of sunlight touch the porch. Most people reach for their Delta-8 tincture or Delta-8 infused gummies as part of an optimistic morning routine.

When getting ready for work or school, it’s best to use a modest dose in the morning. Delta-8 can help you for a little extra pep in our step at the office, whether it’s to close that deal or to exude a little more energy and enthusiasm. A little dose (less than 10 milligrams) can make a big difference. Our Delta-8 tinctures, which are made of only high-quality Delta-8 distillate and botanical terpenes, are a favorite addition to your usual morning coffee (or bulletproof coffee), which helps mediate some of the caffeine’s unfavorable effects.

Everyone can relate to the stress that comes with being a student. Student life means balancing schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and getting enough sleep. Sometimes, even dragging yourself out of bed may seem like a monumental task. So again, Delta-8 can come in handy, but in tiny doses. Take more, and instead of helping you, it would cause you trouble concentrating or getting things done.

Our Premium Delta-8 gummies are an excellent choice for you in this case. They are discreet, highly potent, and made with purely natural ingredients. A Delta-8 gummy, or half-gummy, while on your way should do the trick.

Any time of the day

If you are using Delta-8 for its much coveted mild buzz, there is no “best” time for it. You can use it at your convenience.

Take note, though, that taking Delta-8 in high doses may make you feel tired and drowsy, which can be problematic if you have important day-to-day chores that need completing for the day. So keep the dose below the 50-milligram mark to avoid its sleepy effect. But, if you want your after-lunch hours’ snooze, count this advice out of the equation.

Also, Delta-8 THC is psychoactive and may impair your senses and perception. It’s wise to not use it if there are chances of you going for a drive within the day. Get an idea of how your day will go before using any Delta-8 products. If you need to get someplace or run an errand, consider whether you can do it on foot, by bike, or by bus.

Never drive or operate any machinery when taking Delta-8 THC.

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Before Sleeping Time

If we had to choose a time of the day as the “best time” to take Delta-8, we’d say in the evenings.  Take Delta-8 roughly 2-3 hours before bedtime for a great evening sesh.  Start with a full-time dose of 25-50 mg and then follow a second half-dose around two hours later.

Our Delta-8 gummies are available in 25mg and 50mg strengths. With gummies, there’s no need to overthink if you are getting the proper doses. Simply take one gummy 2 hours before bed, followed by another one or half a gummy, whichever works best for you.

But, if after a long day you find yourself scrambling for your D8 dose and only have 30 minutes before you realize it’s time to slumber, our Delta-8 tincture works best.  Fill the dropper up, and you will feel the effects between 30-45 minutes.

Delta-8 users also say that taking Delta-8 before going to bed heightens dream activity, which we see as an added perk. Of course, the dreams aren’t any more psychedelic or vivid than usual – but you’re more likely to remember them the morning after.


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The time of day doesn’t really have to be specific when using Delta-8. However, Delta-8 THC is not as helpful in certain scenarios.

Let’s go over the most crucial instances where you should absolutely not use Delta-8:


If you’re feeling tired, unmotivated, or lethargic – Delta-8 won’t help you at all. Instead, it would be best to take caffeine or other stimulants.


You should never get behind the wheel if you’ve consumed any amount of Delta-8 THC. Aside from being illegal, it is totally unsafe for you and other motorists or pedestrians. Again, forget about Delta-8 if you have to drive somewhere in the next three hours. And if you’ve been using Delta-8, you should give yourself extra time to let the effects fully wear off before getting behind the wheel.


Delta-8 is wholly safe to use.  However, it may interact with a broad list of medications. Taking 2 substances at a time may have negative consequences and sometimes may even be quite dangerous. Therefore, if you are taking any medications or have any preexisting health conditions, you should consult your doctor before making any changes to your routine. Your doctor can compare your prescription medications with THC to determine any risk level.

Some medications that are likely to cause issues when taken with Delta-8 THC are:

  • Prescription painkillers
  • Blood pressure medications
  • Anti-anxiety medications
  • Heart medications
  • Blood thinners
  • Diuretics
  • Anti-seizure medications


You can use Delta-8 every darn time you feel like it! 

However, for people who take Delta-8 in the mornings, remember this: Less is more.  Take them in doses you know won’t leave you yawning all day or slouching in your chair at work.

If you want to use Delta-8 THC for how it makes you feel, there’s no actual best time to do it. Just keep in mind that high doses may make you unable to get off the couch, which is what some people seek anyway.

If we had to pick one time of day as the “Best time to use Delta-8 THC,” it would have to be the evening or any time you don’t have to go anywhere or do anything.

Due to current state law regarding Delta-8 THC, we are not able to ship to your state. Please reach out to our support team if you have any questions.