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Delta-8+CBN Tincture

Our Delta-8+CBN tincture is the perfect formulation for a wholesome relaxation. When combined, Delta-8 and CBN complement greatly in helping you decompress after a long day – prepping the mind and body to get its much-needed rest.  If you have queasy feelings at night and want to relieve any discomfort, this elixir is worth the try.

For daytime use, check out our Delta-8+CBG Tincture.

What it does:

  • Helps calm the mind and body
  • Promotes a well-rested sleep and healthy sleep cycles
  • Supports healthy inflammation response

Delta-8 Disclaimer:

This product is not available for shipment to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North, Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia.


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Each cannabinoid has a unique impact on the body’s ECS, and something interesting occurs when they interact. When two cannabinoids are combined, they can have an additive effect. It amplifies the physical, psychological and mental benefits emitted by every cannabinoid. This potentially results in a more enjoyable and seamless experience.

Tinctures tend to be absorbed faster, providing that instant “sleepy” relief. DENEX Delta-8+CBN Tincture contains organic MCT oil (as the carrier oil), 500mg of Delta-8 THC, and 250mg of CBN or 500mg of Delta-8 and 500mg of CBN. This is the perfect cannabinoid blend for your nighttime wellness routine, complementing a nutritious diet and active lifestyle.

The most prominent benefit of CBN is its effectiveness as a sleep aid. It has been proposed that it could reach these levels only by interacting with other cannabinoids and activating the entourage effect. Delta-8, in optimal doses, is known to produce calming and relaxing effect, which is the ideal fit for decompressing after a long day. In fact, many Delta-8 consumers observed significant improvements that CBN provides to the overall experience.

  • Hemp-derived: Yes
  • Delta-9 THC: None detected
  • No added preservatives
  • No added fillers and additives
  • Independent third-party tested

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Gina l.k. (Shakopee, MN)
Great stuff

Been using this for a little over two weeks and it has been a life saver. Best part no “crappy drugged” feeling like with prescription medication for sleep.

Damon H. (Mooresville, NC)
Good product, still seeking the optimal dosage

I'd become quite tired of the hyper-sweet taste of the Delta 9 THC gummy products I've tried on the market as well as the hour+ time it takes for the effects of the dose to take effect. Using this liquid product allows me to exactly measure each drop to determine dosing to see the effect I need.

Stephanie M. (Erlanger, KY)
My night time MUST

This stuff is amazing and I cannot live without it going forward. I cant rave enough to everyone about this! cbn is the best thing for nightly pains that keep you up. Looking forward to denex being my go!! Can we get this in a gummy????

Robert C. (Anderson, SC)
Great sleep aid, wife didn't like full delta 8 feeling

Great sleep aid, wife didn't like full delta 8 feeling. Helps her fall asleep and better yet stay asleep.

John H. (Boquete, 4)
Clean & Crisp

Good blend of the right stuff, gentle liftoff for easy landing . . . tomorrow.

Anonymous (New York, NY)
Helpful for 8 hr Sleep

Chronic pain wakes me up every night. Using this helps stay asleep.

Donna D. (Covington, LA)
Nite nite

I am very thankful for finding this product at Denex! I take it every night about 30 minutes before bed and sleep through the night undisturbed. Don’t take too much of this one! It does make you groggy the morning after if you over indulge. Use it as a sleep aide and you’ll be well rested.

Fred (Lexington, KY)

Awesome sauce, makes for great sleep.

Jared B. (Melbourne, FL)
Works good

Very nice to pair with with the delta 8 gummies. No taste at all or any bad after taste. Highly recommend.


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