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Scotty’s Mom – THCA Flower


Scotty’s Mom Indica THCA Flower: The Cosmic Chill! 🌿

  • THCA: 30.2%
  • Type: Indica-dominant Hybrid.  Potent indica blend of Baked Biscotti and Gelato #33.
  • Flavor: Smooth, sweet, and cheesy – like a cosmic snack.
  • Look: Dense, sticky buds with earthy hues.
  • Effects: Euphoria, relaxation, and a full-body high.
  • THCA Power: High THC content for a blissful ride.

We have very limited supply so grab them before they’re gone!


BUY 2 GET 25%, BUY 3 GET 30%, BUY 4+ GET 35%. MIX & MATCH.
Deal Qty Price
BUY 2 GET 25% 2 $41.21
BUY 3 GET 30% 3 $38.47
BUY 4+ GET 35% 4 + $35.72

Get ready to groove with Scotty’s Mom – the indica strain that’s like a cosmic spa day for your mind and body. Let’s dive into the sticky, cheesy, and gassy goodness of this celestial bud:

  • The Fusion: Baked Biscotti x Gelato #33
    • Scotty’s Mom is the lovechild of two legendary strains. Imagine Baked Biscotti and Gelato #33 doing the tango under a starry sky. 🌟
  • The Buzz: Total Bliss Without the Fog
    • Scotty’s Mom brings euphoria, relaxation, and a full-body high. It’s like sinking into a plush beanbag while sipping herbal tea. ☕
    • Say goodbye to brain fog – this strain lets you HOTBOX your head without the haze. 🚀
  • The Look: Sticky, Cheesy, and Earthy
    • Picture buds as dense as a secret handshake, covered in trichomes like tiny disco balls. 🕺✨
    • Deep green hues with occasional purple spots – it’s like a forest fairy wearing emerald velvet. 💚
  • The Flavor Trip: Earthy Smoothness with a Sweet Twist
    • Take a hit, and boom! Earthy notes with a cherry twist. It’s like biting into a cosmic fruit roll-up. 🌍🍒
  • The Creative Portal: Unlock Your Imagination
    • Scotty’s Mom whispers creative secrets to your brain. Paint a masterpiece, write a cosmic poem, or compose a stardust symphony. 🎨🌌

Remember, this strain isn’t just about getting high; it’s about reaching new heights – both in your mind and your chill zone. So grab your favorite lava lamp, put on some groovy tunes, and let Scotty’s Mom take you on a kaleidoscopic journey. 🌟🌿


THCA Shipping Disclaimer: This product is not available for shipment to the following states: Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont.


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