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Super Boof – THCA Flower


Super Boof Hybrid THCA Flower: The Groovy Green Goodness! 🌿

  • THCA: 29.2%!
  • The Fusion: Black Cherry Punch x Tropicana Cookies
  • Buzz: Cosmic handshake between sativa and indica. Balanced euphoria, creativity, and focus.
  • Look: Dense, deep green buds with occasional purple spots.
  • Flavor Trip: Earthy with a cherry twist – like a cosmic fruit roll-up.
  • Chill Factor: Stress relief and unwinding.
  • Myrcene Magic: Earthy, forest-after-rain vibes.

We have very limited supply so grab them before they’re gone!


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Hey there, fellow herb enthusiasts! 🌬️ Ready to dive into the world of THCA flowers? Buckle up, because this strain is like a psychedelic trip to Flavor Town. 🌈  Super Boof isn’t your grandma’s garden variety. It’s like a cosmic handshake between sativa and indica. Imagine your brain doing a happy dance while your body chills on a beanbag. 🕺💨

  • Euphoria Express: Users report feeling euphoric vibes that could rival a sunflower’s love for sunlight. 🌻
  • Creativity Unleashed: Ever wanted to paint a masterpiece with your mind? Super Boof might just be your psychedelic paintbrush. 🎨
  • Focus Mode Engaged: Say goodbye to brain fog! This strain cranks up your focus like a DJ at a neon-lit rave. 🎧

The Look: Picture this: buds as dense as a secret handshake, covered in trichomes like tiny disco balls. 🕺✨ Super Boof’s got that deep green and purple swag – it’s like the Hulk wearing a velvet suit. 💚

The Flavor Trip: Close your eyes and take a hit. Boom! Earthy notes with a cherry twist. It’s like biting into a cosmic fruit roll-up. 🌍🍒

The Chill Factor: Stressed? Anxious? Super Boof’s got your back. It’s the ultimate chill pill – perfect for unwinding after a wild day of adulting. 🛀😌

The Myrcene Magic: Myrcene, the secret sauce in Super Boof, brings those earthy, forest-after-rain vibes. It’s like Mother Nature whispering, “Relax, dude.” 🌲🌧️

The Adventure Awaits: Whether you’re jamming to tunes, brainstorming your next big idea, or just vibing with friends, Super Boof is your cosmic co-pilot. Buckle up, space cadet! 🚀🌠

Remember, this strain isn’t just about getting high; it’s about reaching new heights – both in your mind and your chill zone. So grab your favorite lava lamp, put on some groovy tunes, and let Super Boof take you on a kaleidoscopic journey. 🌟🌿


THCA Shipping Disclaimer: This product is not available for shipment to the following states: Hawaii, Idaho, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, and Vermont.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jane W. (Minneapolis, MN)
Excellent product! No complaints!

Love it!

Brandy S.
Super Boof

Excellent smoke. Very nice chill

Michael H. (Austin, TX)
Best bud I’ve had in a while

12 years of consuming cannabis, this competes with some of the best I’ve ever had. All of them are incredible but That super boof is out of this world.

Sally v.O. (Indianapolis, IN)
Super good!

I’m ordering more of this amazing smoke!
Such a smooth taste and flavor. Great fun to share with friends!

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